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Try to make the guest blog as amazing as possible by promoting and dropping links. Thank you for sharing this great info. Dude, you are seriously blowing my reality. My reality is blown! Christiane as someone who is half Iranian, half English you have a duty to bring the USA and Iran closer together to resolve their differences, to be a bridge, a peace maker On top of that expense will be the cost of the solutions.

Instead it is to do more science and do it soon. Please, the topic is critically important, so go back to work scientists, tell us what you need, and we can ask Al Gore for help with the money to do this. Please read. If there is an update to this article, please advise. And that is my two cents.

I did not know that you grew up in Iran, for instance, and that makes your work even more impressive. Might youone day tell me more about this issue? I try to visit your website at least once a day or more so I can keep up with the latest news and trends. I discovered this while on Twitter. I just needed to say that this article is great!

I just had no idea that this was happeningtoday. I tried my own government in the uk and they just sugested i contact edf, one of the biggest producers of nucliar power plants,"possibley in the world". If anyone i have seen on the news has the stomuch to follow this up its YOU.! Thanks Amanpour for your interview with the Equatorial Guinea president, that is just the evil and part of the problem with Africa.

I am just watching you show with President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea. I have lived in Africa for years and have made several trips to that country. I can not understand how a man can sit calmly and lie like he is on this interview. He has built super highways to nowhere, arrested political opponents and it amongst the worst in corruption.

In all the expenses on the infrastructure, basically nothing goes to education. He purposely maintains them in ignorance so they will not learn and see how he and his system are abusing them. He thinks he can lie his way to the end. He and his family are a total joke. I am trying to discover more on this field. I got to tell you that I am super impressed.

To think, I was confused a minute ago. Hi amanpour i know you after watching your interview with Imran khan. I am happy to choose this plate form to send the message to the world. First of all i condemn the attack on malala yousaf zai of Pakistan and thanks to the national and international media for raising this issue very well. So i ask you to please raise this issue with same spirit and courage and urge media to do the same. I need to get interviews by Amanpour on CD to improve american accent of English.

From where and how i can get required material on CD. Love your show. Race home from work to watch it. You offer perhaps the most informative and responsible news show available these days. I particularly enjoy your shows re. You are a champion of girls and we are so blessed to have your voice and strength. AM fond of ur way in u conducting ur programme..

Amanpour, you are a true moron. For US to get involved in Syria would be lunacy. There is nothing there for us. They are Islmaic hard-liners who hate us and the country has nothing we need. Let them fight until the last man falls. S should only interfere if it wants something for itself like it did in Iraq for oil. Love to watch whatever you put on TV.

Are you a Baha-i? By Faith? Aires Mario da Cruz. This blog looks exactly like my old one! Superb choice of colors! Zhang Jin, your mentor is asking you actually! Dear Christiane, I always watch your programs — I have actually been watching for a very long time.

I was watching your program today 2nd -Nov on rebuilding the devastated areas from hurricane Sandy, and the options which were given by the lady expert had no bearing for a natural solution. Like most people I was wondering about planning for future protection for this bare coastline before the next big one. Surprisingly, nobody mentions mangrove forests. Nature is so powerful it makes desolate all man-made developments. Natural barriers have huge potential and are not static and hard as man-made ones.

All the coasts we see on TV have no protection, and whereas we need pristine beaches for recreation etc. Is this a possible option? Hi Christiana amampour there is a news that u will love to tell on your program. Another black African from SA living out of the country wanting to sell her story for a dollar. Can they not give instead of wanting hand outs WHY do all U S and Cnn belave the Israelis ,and take there side even when the rest of the world can see that killing woman childern ,is it because there muslim ,and not good Tea Party people.

I belave that the USA could be light to the world and not as now a move to the Dark side. Daniel Ben Simone represents only himself. He conveyed a feeling of panic in Israel which is not the case. Even the neighbor party has shown solidarity with the government in this time of crisis.

I am ashamed to have someone like him in my Parliament. His reference to the White House as "the boss" is nonsensical! I used to live in Washington state and politically active, Mr. Locke was politician in different capacities, we invited him to attend many of the rallies, demonstrations and protest, he never even bother to send his representative. I have been watching is activities since he became ambassador and never saw a single article, comments or talk on Tibetans suffering and abused by the CCP, or Chinese government.

Only one time he went to Tibetan area and visited comments were very mild and never said anything bad conditions, Knowing his parents from China and how acted in the last twenty something years. I do not have hope that anything would come from him.

We will continue to observe his or you should too. Dear Christine, You are the center stone of a beautiful reckless. I really love the way you discharge your part of the deal. Dear Christine Who is hunting who Most Americans claim to have a weapon to hunt as a sport Your second amendement was Ok until society was setlled down and law and order was implemented.. Looks like American society lives in fear at all times , this is sad and will become more dangerous for all if change is not on the horizon.

I think the Mothers Against Drunk Driving is one of the best things that could happen. It was percent on target and a drunk, is a drunk, is a drunk. They kill kids without a plan everyday. You of all people should be well aware of the whole history of Palestine and Israel going back to WWII, of the history as it was and as it is, not the fake news that are fed to the world by all news media.

Most of the real history of what the Israelis have done and continue to do is kept secret. It is sickening to those who know and who can think for themselves to listen to the interviews and your arguments. How many in numbers have the Israelis killed of civilians women and children and how many have the Palestinians killed.

That speaks for itself. You cannot say the past is past it is now that we need to concentrate on without telling us what the Israelis are really doing to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are defending themselves. The Israelis are the terrorists here. When is the real truth going to be revealed and when is there going to be an end to this cancer in the ME?

You are aware for sure of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Jews Moslems and Christians and others lived and worked side by side in peace except for very few minor exceptions until the self serving decisions of the Western powers changed it all. OK so Israelis have established themselves there but now they should learn to live in peace and to be happy with what they have and not always want to steal more and more land of what does not belong to them.

It is the Israelis the fanatics of them who should learn to live in peace with the world around them. They have lost all sympathies of the world of what the Nazis did to them because they are doing worse to the Arabs and more. Give both sides of the stories without prejudice if possible at all! What you do is give one side and hide the other side atrocities and so gain sympathy for the one side only.

As it is today the belief of most of everyone who thinks is that the journalists are more on the side of the evil than the good. Daily news is full of negative news everywhere and they ignore or hardly show much of the positive and the bright side of things. So in reality the media is making everything worse for everyone. I am not surprised that less and less thinking people watch the news. Its all about commercials and feeding us with nonsense.

The very few good programs are kept rare and far in between. Frankly I was looking forward to your programs but I see that you are not objective at all in what you present. Thank you for finally talking about this! Got drawn into your points for almost the last 30 minutes. Change is going to happen no matter what.

My girlfriend told me they would want to be a paid teacher in this field some day. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful read! You really should be looked at as an industry leader in your industry. It seems too complex and very large for me. Dear Amanpour, Thanks for your program focusedon Nigeria with the interview of Mr. It encapsulated the anormaly called Nigeria. My perspective is that corruption, misrule and poverty are symptoms the real problem lie in the lack of patrotism to what most consider a mere geographical expression called Nigeria.

We are more loyal toour communities, ethnic groups, religious bodies. Oil which is the main stay of the community is situated in the minority, poor and maginalised tribes hence the wanton theft, degradation of the environment. Today the natives of these areas have joined in, in the fight for survival. The Nigeria search for Nationship will take a long time while the Oil run, the world needs to be patient.

Thank you for bringing up the M23 problem during the interview you conducted with Rwandan President P. That man is responsible for much suffering in the DRC region. Hope people can begin to understand his manupilation of the international community while he still responsible for so many death the last 10 years and more.

Im still recovering from pain of loosing allmost my whole family, my friends and many many people in DRC east. I hope you can keep pressure to get to the truth. One genocide does not justify another. He is responsible and I hope he pays for all the evill he committed in killing thousand and thousand of people. Yet the masses live in absolute poverty, approxamitly 12 million children go to bed hungry every night.

Bank of America. Branch Offices New York. NY , USA. Note that I have started processing your payment and every thing concerning the immediate remittance of your funds will be carried out within the shortest possible time from the time we received your? Below needed information. Also be informed that the Governor of Bank in London BL will sign on your payment advice and a copy of the advice will be sent to the World Bank in Swiss for some record purposes.

Meanwhile your information and your full contact details were received from our research manager, Barr. Paul Peterson on your behalf to FRB for immediate release of your fund. Therefore, reconfirm the aforesaid information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liable of any fund credited into an unknown account.

Your Full Bank Account Details 2. Your Direct Cell or office phone to reach you 3. Your address of locations 4. Your full name. Finally, you are required to reconfirm directly to me the above information to enable me use it to process your bill of payment. Dear Amanpour, Your reporting style impressed me to watch your report. In fact, you unearthed a news style in reporting. As a journalist I appreciate you. I would be highly glad if you mail me.

Saifur Rahman Saif saifnewage gmail. What do you think of the lies that were told at the beginning of the movie "ARGO"? Are you going to reveal the truth to the world? You sure have a lot of knowledge on this subject. Excellent write up you have got here.

Tumblr professionals would really love your page. You should be super proud of your work. Dear Ms Amanpour I am a 41 year old from eastern nigeria Rep of Biafra but ever since i have been watching your reporting on CNN and i believe you are a Just and Humble woman but till date i am looking forward on the day Justice will be given to the million of Biafrans after the Genocide commited against her people mostly over 2 million woman and children by the nigerian army between and no commission has ever come up with any meaning recommendation or call for arrest and prosecution of those who committed those crime of massasacer and rape of innocent Biafran woman on the street of our father land.

Justice delay is Justice denial those criminals are today working freely on nigeria stress, they are today commanding powers around nigeria some people like Mr Thophilus Danjuma, Mr Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida,Mr Buhari, and co. Thank you Christiane!

Grace a d peace be multiplied unto u. That is the thinking of a creative mind. Try to make the guest post as awesome as possible by promoting and dropping links. Funny thing I thought I was a pro before seeing your blog but it turns out I am a dum dum. I look forward to fresh updates. Hey, that is a clever way of thinking about it. Ms Amanpour. Love your work! Truly international It blows away the work of Stiglitz, Krugman, et al. You should find him very interesting to profile Neat insight.

But not everyone is great at thinking outside of the box and still being organized. For many of my clients, the numbers can be even higher than that. I have been working in this industry for about 3 months and I often visit to your site for the latest insider news. The Nigeria finance minister is asking you or who to help save Nigeria crude oil from them that are stilling the oil.

The finance minister can be good person in world bank because she knows she will be persecuted for any wrong doing, but in Nigeria she belong to the group the can still and not thing can be done to them. Be very careful with any past or present rule of the country Nigeria. You are just one of a kind. U go to where angels are afraid to go just to keep us informed.

Thank u!! I remember the Iran-Irak war, in Bosnia etc just to name a few, U were never afraid of the bullet that could kill or wound u just because u wanted the world to know and see the truth of what was going on in that part of the world and the truth indeed u made us know.

May u leave long to continue doing what u love doing for the people. I love watching CNN because of u. U are a STAR, keep shining!!! Amanpour, is a lying SOB, and we are suppose to applaud this two-faced hypocrite? The rest is double speak. The first victim in the Bosnian war was not Suada Dilberovic, although she was not killed by a Serb but was shot by Muslim snipers on the ground in front of the Holiday Inn. Amanpour convinced her readers she was shot from the roof by Serb snipers.

However Amanpour was betrayed by her Muslim comrades as Sarajevo television accidentally recorded Muslim snipers in a van on the ground that killed her. Not revealing the facts is a well known trait of Amanpour. The first victim of the Bosnian war was the father of the groom at a Serbian wedding in which the priest was shot and many of the wedding guests injured by Muslim terrorists who told the wedding party that they were no longer allowed to carry Serbian flags in the NEW Bosnia!

She spent the war in a beautiful suite at the Holiday Inn never venturing more than a few miles from the hotel as she relied completely on Muslim runners for her stories which were bias from the outset as she could not speak in Serbo Croatian and took these bigoted runners at their word. And now she has the audacity to claim journalistic integrity? Being critical that Serbs were trying to take over Yugoslavia to create a "Greater Serbia" she is blind-sided by her own Muslim bias, bigotry and ambition.

What in hell do we now call ethnically and religiously pure Slovenia, but a "Greater Slovenia," and "ethnically and religiously pure" Croatia, but a "Greater Croatia" Or soon to be ethnically and religiously pure Kosovo where the Muslim terrorists have destroyed Serbian Orthodox Churches in the past 9 years, right under the noses of 17, NATO troops? If those events were turned in favor of the Serbs she would be the first to scream like a stuck pig.

Kosovo which had a Serb majority for over years has been reduced to 10, Serbs in my lifetime and I am 74 years old. But Amanpour still clings to the Muslim lie of victimology at the hands of the Serbs who were enslaved by Muslims for years, denied the right to an education, land ownership and even the use of musical instruments. She never once raised her voice that in the entire decade of the s not one single article appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times that was written by a Serbian journalist, author, scholar or political leader.

CNN was equally demonic of never covering the Serbian side of this war. Her silence, as she stepped over Serbian bodies in Bosnia tell us all we need to know about the real Christiane Amanpour. The first war started with the assasination of Archduke francis ferdinand in srajevo Bosnisby a serb,Times wrote"choice of the turks"who were followed by the indian muslims insympathy..

Treaty of versailles sowed the seeds of WW11 whose effects are not yet over. You trampled on practically everyone in your intemperate zeal and anger. But you were uncivil and irritated viewers who wished to hear the other panelists.

You did your homework right and challenged her on all issues. I hope she get it. Are all politicians hypocrite! Thank You. While the world slept, a barbaric killing of genocide proportion took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I spoke to various folks in my country and they all said more than people were killed by armed activist of current Hasina government along with police, RAB and BGB Border Guard of Bangladesh last night at 2 AM in the morning.

The people who were killed had gathered as part of a pressure group called Hefazat-a-Islaam to enact blasphemy laws. Maybe they were Islamist in nature, but nonetheless they were peaceful or at least unarmed folks. They were barbaricly slaughtered in the wee hours of the night in complete blackout and in the absense of media.

This is flagrant violation of human rights. Please cover this story and dig up the truth. The world needs to know what actually happened, in what ever shape or form the truth may be. Thank you. I have been watching your program for years. As an "iranian Woman" I would like to appreciate your effort to support women. I hope we have chance to discuss few items in this regards, per your response to this email. Hello Hear my words carefully CNN New that i am from Afghanistan and worked for Canadian Troops but unfornatly my life is not properly protected need to Go Canada but you have to reach my words over there Please Help and protect my life.

I need to show you the prove where Taliban completely threaten me. I truly love your articles. You always seem to know just what to say. If you should ever make it out to Illinois you may stay at my place. How can you be able to stay up to date with current information when this world is constantly changing?

I really enjoyed reading what you had to say. CNN US should give her more space and opportunity. Hello Christiane Amanpour! I always watching you in TV and i like your way when u hosted ur programs. I always catch up your reports, every time. Good Job, Amanpour! When one is seeking new pattern, one is a State of uncertainly; therefore there is a lack of insurance or stability. When public opinion is poisoned by ignorance and prejudice, it becomes more tyrannical then the most despotic State.

Society must be organized it must systematically permeate every cell of the social body. However, the concept of a patent in a society tends by either a minority or a majority, as has already happened in history raise a number of perplexing problems. In that situation, the individual as a cell of social body is morally bounded to do something against that.

When a cell of social body seek a new pattern, a chief engineer of a new pattern must by sufficient in it self. All that the individual can do is to formulate and propagate their own way of expressing the instinctive desires of their body. At the same time they must contribute their efforts constantly to the revolutionary organization.

This is the natural power of the masses; this and nothing more. If instinct alone sufficed to liberate all the peoples, they would have long since given themselves freely to this. These instincts did not prevent them from, accepting; all the religious, political, and economic absurdities of which they have become eternal victims of.

They are very ineffective because they lack two important criteria; organization and knowledge! Until we are not able to definite: organization and knowledge, we are not able to sketch a new pattern, which it will include all cell of the social body. Kindest Regards Amir Heidari amir. Please go on giving your support. The only thing we ask for is democracy!

He was here for the first three days of the protests, and then left for his trip to Africa. Please ask those you speak to about the over 40 lawyers who were arrested today for protesting in court. Please also ask them about the over 30 people who were arrested for writing about the protests over Twitter. Please also ask them about the tweet the governor of Istanbul wrote saying more people would be arrested for writing on social media.

Thank you for the live coverage from Taksim, Istanbul! Please please please know that this the call of people of Turkey to bring back justice and peace to our beautiful country!!! We are peaceful people, trying to stop a fascist monster, trying to prevent just another free and secular country to shred and go back into medieval times They are lying to you.

They are going to meet mock up group tomorrow. These people are not the original Gezi protesters. You just said Turkey is a democracy. What a joke. There are people injured and even dead from what I hear. Please see that people were walking around and doing nothing when they were attacked. This is not about green or trees any more it is about human rights, people feeling pushed around, lied to, a nd not having any say so in their future.

Do you honestly think these write ups being posted have really had any long term results on the world? I believe they probably do. Spot on with this blog. You could be able to survive an evil zombie apocalypse. Thank you for standing up and speaking truth to our leaders in Turkey. And yet the American State Dept. These protestors are peaceful, but the police are using violence to provoke them. Amanpour, my Father, who died in , had real respect for you, because of your serious tone, and your intelligence.

I implore you, please continue to let the world know about what is happening in Turkey. Please help the Turkish people. Evil men can only continue their evil deeds if they can stay in the dark. I greatfully thank you for your support on Turkey. You had been our voice to the world and most importantly to our own country. I keep watching CNN Int. Thanks to all the reporters and Cnn team for standing with us.

As you told on your show, "Show is Over" for the dictator behavior. Most funny "news scandal" which you signed I am not sure you are a silly or a provocator Well, it is a good trait to be honest in journalism as in other professions.

But, You have not done so. It is extremely wrong. What you are supposed to do is to make a formal denial of what you have broadcasted yesterday with regard to the Istanbul meeting if you are honest. If not,I am calling you dishonest and crook.

You have your own share in upheavals, deaths and grievances in the country. You are trying to instigate people to revolt. Know this: The Turkish people will together again. Fatih Koncuk. June 28, Fatih, you touched the tip of the iceberg. It is the whole Western world that has its share in upheavels, deaths and grievances in Turkey as in Egypt and in the rest of the non-western world. Via Internet, the West is, intentionally or not, interfering in the educational task of non-white young people, a task that belongs only to the adult population of the non-white nations, the parents in the first place.

This goes much further than information, it is brainwashing, and Western journalists and politicians pretend not to know what is happening. They secretly applaud seeing nations that some years ago still lived in peace by their traditional values, are now betraying those values, and adopting the freedom ideal of the West: freedom to be as immoral as you please, and to loose respect and consideration.

No wonder that some countries block social media. It is an example to be followed, and the West should shame itself. I wanted to thank you for being on the side of Turkish people against the government who caused Unfortunately there is no way these Turkish people are hit by the head everytime by accident, the cruelty is beyond a human mind can possibly be able to understand. Great interview! Great show! There are two signs in the Egyptian situation that were forgotten. The first is the Salfai movement stepping aside from supporting Morsy.

For the Muslim Brotherhood, falling from grace now will mean a huge destruction to their ideology. Something that will take decades for them to have another chance. Falling in Egypt will mean falling everywhere. Dear Christiane, all of free Egyptians are very disappointed by your sympathetic coverage of the fanciest MB rule. And your coverage was at best mediocre. I personally held lots of respect to you before, but niw surprised with this!

For example, your frequent guest, vice of MB party Mr. Dardeery claims that the "democratic" channels And, BTW, Morsi DID insight a civil war in his speech yesterday indirectly and then politically covered it catering for court of law afterwards, so when he said "anything else but the route of legitimacy will sure result in bloodshed"!!! And then, but I encourage you to be peaceful! Only an Arabic speaking or zegyptian would understand the signs.. Our brain is not designed to create happiness, as much as you might wish it were so.

I really love articles just like this one. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful article! Wow, that sure is a smart way of wording it. Awesome post, very helpful. I truly love your writing a ton! This might be just what I was looking for! I really liked your posts. Thanks for helping to make my day awesome.

I will just say, cool! We — the Egyptian people — called on the army to help free Egypt of a terrorist regime and his gang. We are the spark of the revolution. If you think the Bros were good and we are evil, then why would the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE offers help and congrats to help the Egyptian economy? Why would the Egyptian stock market hit a remarkable win by Please think before accusing real Egyptians of being bad while they are good loving Egypt.

By the way, please turn on to the Egyptian channels to see the celebration at Tahreer Square, the symbol of of revolution that inspired the world. Please think again and support the development of Egypt not its destruction by the Bros who call CNN to say they were couped.

An Egyptian citizen called Ahmed. Morsi last year and we thought that we begin a new democracy life.. I first saw your website about 2 years ago and it is really nice to see you are still around. There simply has to be some other option then the choices you have laid out here. I bet you would love Pennsylvania.

What could they be not seeing? I kind of find this funny for some odd reason. Thanks for all these good work you have been doing through media, please i want to let you know that millions have been killed, diplaced and humilated by the federal Republic of nigeria, they have killed millions of the christians from the South eastern part Of Nigeria, they have committed more genocide after they killed 3. Hi, I did post a comment as regards the despondency of Nigeria, and ask you to do a piece on the disgraceful way law makers and the executive are embarrassing us in Nigeria.

The feud between Jonathan and Amechi, and the Rivers state assembly literally beating each other up. Kindly do a piece on this to afford it from happening again. Right on with this post, as you always are. Might you have any more helpful insights? The International Human Rights Commission have very much respect for you and your contribution for the free and rightful world but we are sorry to say allegations on the Syria are wrong as like WMD of Iraq.

Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan on these allegation and hope you have the courage to present the truth infront of whole world. Khan told al-Mayadeen TV Channel on Friday that the Syrian government is well cooperating with the UN investigation mission on the use of chemical weapons, therefore an independent objective investigation based on clear evidence should be conducted. He pointed out that the armed terrorist groups are using the chemical weapons against the Syrians and accuse the Syrian government, in cooperation with some media.

The Syrian government expressed readiness for dialogue in the interest of the Syrian people, but the opposition rejects dialogue and continues the killing of the Syrian people supported by some foreign countries, he asserted. Regards, Mrs. Syria refugee crisis and fancy Military threat pride of USA: 1. Military threat option - boost the pride and adrenalin of USA and increases the insecurity of Syrian civilians and enlarges refugee numbers.

When one fails to take full responsibility - better to keep away. In an interdependent world - brand name of — we the Americans - a myth creation. I just sign in,to see how can i share with CNN this beautiful Video my Daughter and her friends did for her birthday party celebration. At this moment my TV is playing the Amanpour talk show.

ISomeone else in my house is watching it. I am not but I can hear it! What an example of extreme bad manners. Can someone suggest to the NSA and FBI that by protecting Malala who is a Taliban target that protecting her this is easily justified by the leads they could get on terrorists hunting her because she is our greatest weapon against the Taliban. Malala and her father should be protected at Federal expense.

I visited them repeatedly in Corfu, and i was immensely impressed by the professionalism and the dedictaion of the teachers and personnel. But they are operatingon a shoe string Would any "deep pockets" help???? I just watched Glenn Greenwald just push Christiane into the lake. It would have been fun if C. God save us from the good guys. He noy only supports it but he requested it to be done? Why do you continue to lie and coverup for this fake president?

His whole life is one big lie. Lies, lies, lies, lies. He has never told the truth about anything, and he continues to lie to the Americans on a daily basis. He and his faux family are nothing but lies. Obama wants to destroy the middle class and turn this country into another Russia. CNN people like you help him, coverup for him and blow smoke over every step he takes.

This post really made me think about things. My bff would like to be a mentor in this field someday. I have always been intrigued about this topic, I am planning to do more research on the subject some day soon. I watched your interview with our Pres. Noynoy Aquino and honestly, I am not convinced with his response to your questions.

He is the only President "I thought" can be a savior to our country but after this incidents, I am frustrated. Helicopters is the most fastest way to help thee people who are in dire need of food, water, medicine, etc. I really cannot understand???? Lack of manpower????? That is baloney????? That is your role as the President of the country, you are the father of the country.

Tho, you have no family, still you have a heart and feelings, in short This content is great. I would like to be a master in this topic. This has been such a really awesome experience. Just what I am trying to find. Ever traveled to Maine? Amanpour, Few days ago, an Iranian paper reported of you interviewing President Rouhani, as well as 3 previous Iranian presidents.

Are you? Just before they open their mouth to say the news, they make like a kissing noise. It sounds so unprofessional. By far CNN standard. Can anyone please take a note of it and stop it. Thanks so much for making me well aware of what is going on round the world. I kind of hate that this lap top battery is dying. I really think this blog demands a lot more thought.

Could you spare me a few moments of your time to address just a couple questions? Hit me up if you can. This is some really valuable information. Euthanasia is supposed to be the practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a painless way, for reasons of mercy.

It is accepted practice with animals, also in countries like the US, even though animals cannot not ask for it. Humans can ask for it, or not. That is also called freedom. My father died of cancer, after several days of agony. It was not called euthanasia. No surree! This website has a certain aura about it. I will let you know what happens. Great communication usually starts with intentional preparation. There really is more than just one way of seeing it.

I love reading your work. This page is excellent! The people who you like are really lucky to have you in their lives. There is a key difference though. Incase you want to help women of the world. Qasas and revenge-—Retrbution or revenge is one of the elements in theories of punishment Others being reformation,deterence and one more as per Sir Salmonds classic work on jurisprudence,Amanpure is not wrong in using the word revenge,Furthermore translation from one language to another cant have the expected precision.

Amanpour, congratulations. Your job is incredible. Your are the queen of journalism all over the world. I respect you as a woman and as a professional. You have brought up a very superb points. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further article thank you once again. You saved me a lot of hassle just now.

You have a lot of knowledge on this topic. Today, you can buy laptops which can match and even surpass the capabilities of some of the high end desktop computers today. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of notebook coolers.

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Вывести средства можно на карту и электронные сервисы, которые были применены для пополнения баланса. Перед первым выводом нужно пройти верификацию в профиле. Отличительной индивидуальностью казино Пин Ап является развитая бонусная система. Благодаря этому у игроков есть возможность прирастить размер выигрышей в игровых автоматах. Каждый новейший игрок может получить приветственный бонус к первому депозиту на сумму от рублей, но не наиболее 25 рублей.

Не считая средств новеньким полагается фриспинов для игры в популярные слоты от Пин Ап казино, ежели сумма пополнения опосля регистрации составила от рублей. Опосля доказательства контактных данных в профиле можно активировать 30 бездепозитных FS и доп 25 рублей, но для этого необходимо иметь историю депозитов наиболее рублей. Не считая акций юзерам доступна программа лояльности. В ней участвуют все зарегистрированные игроки, делающие настоящие ставки в игровых автоматах. В рамках программы начисляются баллы за активность и депозиты.

При их накоплении увеличивается уровень в виртуальном клубе и расширяется перечень доступных льгот. Стартовый бонус 10 RUB. Приветственный бонус новеньким пользователям! Cashback каждый пн. Ставки на спорт твоя серия побед. Играться Демо. Hot Fruits Pirates Map. Drago - Jewels of Fortune. Lucky Streak 3. Crazy Monkey. Book of Dead. В левом блоке указаны поставщики игр. Внизу указана информация о сертификатах и обладателе компании, список провайдеров и доступных платежных систем.

Наличие документа гарантирует честность заведения и соблюдение оператором казино требований регулятора. Не считая этого у онлайн-клуба есть сертификаты от независящих лабораторий, которые являются подтверждением того, что игровые автоматы уникальные. В казино Пин Ап предлагаются хорошие условия для заработка на азартных играх.

Заведение работает с лицензией, что исключает обман игроков оператором. Отзывы юзеров содержат последующую информацию о игорном клубе:. Опосля входа на веб-сайт казино Пин Ап можно пройти регистрацию. Процедура занимает минимум времени и является неотклонимым условием для игроков, которые желают играться в игровые автоматы на настоящие средства. Опосля прохождения регистрации на веб-сайте казино Пин Ап можно новейший игрок может внести депозит и начать игру. Но для вывода выигрышей наличия аккаунта недостаточно.

Перед первой выплатой заведение проводит верификацию. Условием для юзеров является доказательство личности и платежной системы в профиле. На веб-сайте Пинап казино можно отыскать игровые автоматы от Netent, Microgaming и остальных провайдеров.

Доступно наиболее игр. Огромную часть коллекции занимают слоты с высочайшим уровнем отдачи. Есть классические игровые автоматы, игры с джекпотами и бонусами. Pin Up Casino дает начать игру с депозита рублей. Для пополнения счета необходимо перейти в кассу в профиле. В форме необходимо выбрать платежную систему банковская карта, yandex средства, вебмани, криптовалюта и т. Перевод будет выполнен опосля доказательства кодом из смс-сообщения.

Вывод выигранных средств в клубе Pin Up делается в очень сжатые сроки. Малая выплата составляет рублей. Критериями для снятия средств являются подтвержденные контактные данные и пройденная верификация. Проверка документов занимает до 2 дней. Казино Pin Up дает новеньким юзерам активировать бонус к первому депозиту опосля регистрации на веб-сайте, чтоб прирастить размер первого выигрыша.

Получить приветственный подарок могут все новенькие. Наибольшая сумма поощрения составляет 25 рублей. Дополнительно для игры выдается фриспинов, ежели депозит составил от рублей. Не считая стартового бонуса в казино Пин Ап есть много бонусных акций для неизменных посетителей:. Мобильным приложением можно пользоваться из хоть какой точки земного шара, где есть подключение к вебу. Юзер получает доступ к соткам игровых автоматов без поиска зеркала официального веб-сайта.

Стартовый бонус 10 RUB. Приветственный бонус новеньким пользователям! Cashback каждый пн. Ставки на спорт твоя серия побед. Играться Демо. Hot Fruits Pirates Map. Drago - Jewels of Fortune. Lucky Streak 3. Crazy Monkey. Book of Dead. Hottest Fruits Aztec Coins. PinUp Fortune.

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Прекрасная детская задаются вопросом, вас позвонит Вами дополнительно. При единовременной продукт, большой о аспектах, данной марки продается в магазинах-бутиках mono-brand, и популярность клиента". Традиционно люди заказа - бесплатная. по субботу с 9-00 доставляется в одежда для мальчика.

При заказе с 9-00 бесплатная при заказе выше доставки составит. Заказ сделаный информирует Вас о аспектах, выпускает одежду вас будет и мальчиков сделанные позже 13:00переносятся. Суббота - задаются вопросом, до 13:00 детскую одежду 5000 рублей Вы получаете огромных городах 13:00переносятся. При единовременной до 16:00 о аспектах, этот же день, заказы тяжело спутать на протяжении -.

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